Wellington Wedding Photographer

Wellington Wedding Photographer | Anthony Turnham

Bride and Groom: Vanessa and Lachlan

Here at SNAP! Wedding Photography we limit the number of weddings we photograph in any season to ensure we can deliver unrivaled quality to those that do book.  Of the wedding assignments we do take on we allocate a small proportion to destination weddings.  Here is a collection of Wellington wedding photos from a destination wedding featuring the lovely Vanessa and Lachlan.

Becoming a Wellington wedding photographer for the weekend presents a fantastic opportunity for creative freshness.  Having not been to the wedding venue before or the other locations meant I was seeing things with fresh eyes and found the experience inspiring.  This is so often the case when photographing in a new wedding venue or location.

Vanessa and Lachlan held their Wellington wedding ceremony at Zealandia Sanctuary.  As someone who embraces the idea of  caring for our world and the wildlife in it I thought it was a great idea.

The ceremony was really moving and Vanessa rightly predicted that Lachlan was going to tear up when he saw her, and as she’d hoped we captured it for her.

Following the family group photos at Zealandia we headed off with the bridal party for some fun and informal wedding photos at the Wellington Botanic Garden and then off for some beach wedding photos at Lyall Bay.

The wedding reception was at The Pines, Houghton Bay, Wellington.  It was a fantastic venue for the reception and we loved having the opportunity to photograph there.  I particularly liked taking our bride and groom into the empty hall for some shots of them practicing their first dance with the huge window behind them.

Here you can see how their Wellington wedding photos ended up laid out in their wedding album.