Rosemount Park Estate Wedding Photos

Rosemount Park Estate Wedding Photographer | Anthony Turnham

Bride and Groom: Rachael and Brad

We love the challenge of creating wedding photos at Rosemount in Ohoka.  This Christchurch wedding venue is a great choice for Brides and Gtrooms for many reasons.  They’ve got a lovely bridal preparation suite right there on site.  And from a photographic point of view it’s a really nice area to shoot in with some mirrors that can add nice framing and depth to photos, as shown in this wedding photo gallery for Rachael’s preparations.

The grounds of Rosemount Park Estate are vast, which is great as the wedding guests can enjoy a summer afternoon playing croquet, sipping champagne and enjoying the sunshine, whilst the bridal party stay on site for their photos – without being interrupted by the guests.

The energy of these two was infectious and the smiles just kept coming.  It was a fantastic wedding day.

Rachael and Brad’s wedding photos from Rosemount Park Estate will live on for generations to come in the form of a beautiful Queensberry wedding album.