Pemberton Estate Wedding Photos

Christchurch wedding venue: Pemberton Estate, Prebbleton
Pemberton wedding photos by Christchurch wedding photographer Anthony Turnham

Pemberton is a suberb Christchurch wedding venue.  The beautifully manicured gardens and the fantastic building with its high feature roof combine to make this a perfect one stop shop for on-site wedding ceremony and reception.  There is a lot to be said for the ability to keep the whole wedding on site at the wedding venue.

Pemberton has a heap of different areas that can be used for wedding photos so it lends itself to a really nice and diverse coverage.

Elmo was not only apprehensive of having his picture taken but also, initially at least, not too bothered about getting any photos during our creative session time.  The fact that it started to rain at that time also didn’t help matters.  After a little coaxing though I managed to persuade him to take his new Bride for a quick walk around the grounds.  We then managed to get some wedding photos around Pemberton that Elmo later told me he was so glad we made the time to capture.

We have had the pleasure of photographing many weddings at the Pemberton Estate.  Each one very different.  We’ve had sunshine and rain, ceremonies out in the garden and under the gazebo, we’ve had formal receptions and ones lit up with colourful Samoan dancing.  So here’s a couple of examples of finished Pemberton wedding albums.  Check out Sene and Kreskin’s wedding album, a day that really did bring 4 seasons in one day!  And here’s Theresa and Phil’s Pemberton wedding coverage, laid out for generations to come in their gorgeous Queensberry album.  There are also the individual Pemberton wedding photos here in the blog.