Meet Anthony: Christchurch Wedding Photographer.

Christchurch photographer, Anthony Turnham, really doesn't take himself too seriously.
Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Sarah and I love to learn more about the couples I’m fortunate enough to be photographing.  I believe that it’s really important that we build a great relationship with you guys.  We don’t just see the wedding couples we work with as clients but as friends.  So with that in mind I’ve opened up the doors to offer an insight to me, my life and my family…. Whilst I take my craft, my business, and being a wedding photographer very seriously, I love to have fun and don’t take myself too seriously.
My name’s Anthony and I operate as a wedding photographer in the Christchurch area.  My photographic journey started back in 1997, progressed to digital capture in 1999 and my passion for photography has been growing ever since.  Doing wedding photography has become my obsession and my passion.  To be able to provide for my family photographing weddings is a blessing for which I’m truly grateful.  I love what I do and I believe that shines through in both the experience our clients have with me and the photos I take.

When I’m not behind the lens of my camera photographing my clients, my camera’s usually not too far away from me, as I love the process of documenting my life and that of my family.  I love my kids soooo much.  My bestest pal (apart from Sarah of course) is my little boy Finn.  He’s such a cool wee dude and I take every opportunity to be a big kid with him.  Whether it’s snuggling on the couch watching a movie together, making something, or running around the garden pretending we’re transformers, I’m in!  The coolest thing is when we both have our cameras on the go.  He even does his own processing on the computer!

I’m so lucky to have the ladies in my life.  My daughter Amelia is my little princess with a dash of devil and she’s always cracking me up with the funny things she comes out with.  My wife Sarah stole me away from the UK to move to Christchurch back in 2006 so she must be pretty special, right?  As well as being an amazing mother to our children she’s also the friendly face that you’ll chat with when booking our services.  She’s soooo good at what she does and we always get heaps of lovely comments from brides and Grooms about how lovely and helpful she’s been.

I love playing sport and believe that a high level of fitness is important to be able to be at my energetic best throughout a wedding day.  I have a passion for the visual arts that has been with me throughout my life.  I love watching films and get a lot of inspiration from good movies.

I hope the accompanying photos and text help to give you a feel for what I’m about when I’m away from my camera 🙂  But if you’d like to know a bit more about my life path to becoming a wedding photographer you can go here.

Photo courtesy of Nardia Buist Photography.