On your wedding day time is precious.  We believe that getting group photos of the people you are sharing your day with is really important.  But we also believe that we should accomplish this part of the day in as efficient manner as possible so you’re freed up to get back to enjoying your day.

Below are some guidelines we have found work well.

Keep the number of groups to a minimum

Generally keeping the number of groupings low is a good idea.  You really don’t need to mix and match every conceivable variation of family and friend grouping.  You just need to cover your bases.

Task someone to help

In the name of getting this part of the day photographed in a stress-free and timely fashion we recommend getting at least one person to help out.  Someone who knows a lot of the people involved in the photos is really beneficial as they can round up the next group of guests whilst I’m photographing the current group.

We always start by grabbing a few shots of everyone altogether so right from the outset you know you’ve got a record of all those that were lucky enough to make the cut to your wedding.