Christchurch Wedding Photographer Testimonials

As a wedding photographer I pour my heart and soul into your wedding day photography, making sure I capture it at it\’s best and making sure the bride and groom, the bridal party and the guests all have a great time in the process.  So after the day when Sarah and I recieve a thank you card, a text message or an email thanking us for a great job it\’s the icing on the cake .

Feel free to take a quick browse of a sample of some of the lovely feedback we\’ve recieved.

Jessica and Rowan – Cossars Wineshed

“We had an absolutely fantastic day!  Anthony and Tom were the best people we could have wished for to photograph the day – they both have a great sense of humour, amazing commitment to getting great photos and even braved a paddock full of menacing sheep for us!  Excellent, professional and passionate.

We are really looking forward to seeing the photos!

Jess and Rowan”

Cossars Wineshed Wedding Photo

Tiffany and Glen – Stonebridge, Geraldine

“We are so glad we went with you guys, everyone has raved about how amazing Anthony was & we couldn\’t agree more!!  Very excited for the sneak peek. I\’ve told ALL my friends to like you on fb.
Thank you so much for the lovely book & we received a card in the post today so thank Anthony for his kind words.
We look very forward to hearing more & of course seeing more 🙂 from you, shall do my bestest to be patient.

Thanks again so so so much!!!!

Thanks Tiff & Glen”

Bride and Groom snuggle in their wedding car outside wedding venue, Cossars wineshed, photographed by Anthony Turnham of SNAP! Wedding Photography

Nicola and Simon – Peppers Clearwater, Christchurch

“Hi guys,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing album we picked up on Wednesday. It is simply stunning!

Even though we had seen the pages on-screen, opening up the real thing was just awesome.

We cracked open a bottle of the wedding \’champagne\’ and had an album and photo print viewing session, remembering the day and laughing at some of the classic expressions and reactions of our guests – you just don\’t tend to notice those when looking at the files on the computer! Plus, we love the cover options we chose, so pleased we decided to invest in those as we know it will be around for years and years.

The album has already had several viewings at work with everyone commenting on how stunning it all is – from the quality of the album, to the way it was all designed and how everyone in the photos look so happy and relaxed, exactly how we felt on the day.
Thank you for everything guys and hopefully we will keep in touch.
Nic + Simon!”

Bride looking stunning in an amazing dress, beautifully lit by the photographer

Amber and Hayden – Cossars Wineshed, Christchurch

“Just want to say thanks again for photographing our wedding we know time was short and we really appreciate Anthony cracking a sweat to get the shots! We had so many people mention how awesome Anthony was!

Thank you and Sarah both so much for all your work in photographing our day and all of the logistics, album and photo processing etc etc etc. We could not be happier with our choice of photographer!

Amber and Hayden”

Cossars Wineshed Wedding Photo

Alison and Andrew – Trent’s Estate Vineyard, Christchurch

“On the 28th of Feb this year we had the honour of having Anthony capture our special day. We were both nervous about getting so many photos taken, but just minutes after meeting Anthony, we were completely comfortable and at ease. When I look back on our wedding day I am so thankful for Anthony, he was simply amazing from start to finish. I could not have wished for anyone better.

When it came time to get a sneak peek of our photos, we were speechless. Every image was beautiful and captured the memories of the day perfectly. When we were able to see the rest of the photos and the album, once again the tears welled and we were overwhelmed by the amazing job Anthony had made. And this brings me to today, when I was welcomed home by our 6×4 prints waiting on the doorstep. I have been looking at them over and over and I still just can\’t believe how lucky We were to have had Snap involved in our day. I cannot recommend Snap enough. When I showed a client at my work some photos she said they were the best wedding photos she had ever seen. And I couldn\’t agree more.

Anthony and Sarah, Andrew and I thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and wish you all the success in the world-you deserve it!”

Groom and Bride snuggle for a kiss under the bride's veil, sheltering from the rain

Nardia and Brett – Hampton Lea Gardens

“Ant really does stunning work and I am so glad we chose SNAP! He was so, so professional but we also had a really good laugh and he gave so much direction. Also the fact that he really calculates the shot beforehand rather than just snapping away randomly shows his professionalism and experience. The photos we have seen so far we love so can\’t wait to see them all 🙂

Nardia Buist – Bride and Photographer”

bride with parasol

Alana and Elmo – Pemberton

“Sarah and Anthony of SNAP photography are a great team who are dedicated and very easy to deal with.  Throughout the whole process they have both been highly professional, friendly and committed to giving us what we wanted and desired during the organisation and build up right through to the end of our wedding day.  With us being based in Perth this made it very easy to organise and let us relax and know that the photography on the day was going to be just as we wanted it, this all contributed to a stress free planning process fot the photography.

The day itself posed problems with a showery forecast. This was no issue to Anthony and we were made to feel at ease with him taking control of the group photos and our own bride and groom creative session.  Anthony did such a great job – we even had guests on the day ask if we knew him personally due to his attitude and nature towards us, our families and our guests.

The communication after the wedding was of the highest calibre, due to us being back in Perth at this stage, we had a Skype session with Anthony to finalise our album and photo prints. As we were to find out also, the photos and moments captured were absolutely spectacular – we are unsure as to how he managed some of these shots because Anthony was never in the way but somehow managed to capture and highlight every special moment throughout the day.

Hindsight is a great thing but without a word of a lie neither of us would change anything to do with the photography done by Snap.  We have had numerous comments and compliments about Anthony on the day and also the end result – our gorgeous photos and beautiful album.  We cannot thank Anthony and Sarah enough for making our memories for the day that much more perfect.

We highly recommend SNAP for any occasion as his experience and attitude is definitely shown in our photos and we have no doubt he would do an excellent job in any other circumstances. The whole process has been 5 Star +.

Thanks guys 🙂

Alana & Elmo”

Wedding photo at Pemberton Gardens, Christchurch

Rachel and Michael – Newberry Lodge, Christchurch

“Hi Sarah,

Thanks for that. It was such a brilliant day and Anthony made it so easy and we had a lot of fun. A lot of our guests commented on him and said how natural he made them all feel especially in group photos etc. Words really can\’t express how much we enjoyed the day and how glad we were that Anthony could capture it and us, we really felt that he \’got\’ us and what we wanted. It was awesome. Thank you for all your work behind the scenes, it was so helpful getting things from you asking us for information and keeping us updated.

We can\’t wait to see the finished results!

Thanks again,
Rachel + Michael”

A Groom, who is a model train enthusiast, embraces his bride next to a steam train, captured by SNAP! Wedding Photography's, Anthony Turnham

Ashleigh and Josef – Trent’s Estate Vineyard, Christchurch

“Josef and I had the most magical day it would not have been the same without Anthony and Thomas there to capture it. Anthony was absolutely amazing not only did he add humour to our day but his passion and understanding in photography really showed through, as preparations for different shots only took a few moments. I think this enabled us to have a variety of different shots.

We are amazed by the few photos we have viewed on Facebook and we can\’t wait to see the rest of the photos at our viewing next month I have no doubt they will all look amazing.

As I mentioned in our information form, our wedding photography was the most important part of our wedding planning as the photos hold all of our memories of our day. I have no doubt that Anthony has done the best possible job of this. We will be forever recommending Snap photography to everyone we know who is planning on getting married.”

Bride and groom release butterflies at Trent's Estate Vineyard on their wedding day. Photographed by Anthony Turnham

Liz and Tom – Trent’s Estate Vineyard, Christchurch

“We had an absolutely wonderful, magical, perfect day. Words can’t express how thrilled we are that we chose Anthony to be our photographer. He really was absolutely wonderful, and everyone commented on how awesome he was. I felt like such a beautiful bride (I think my bridesmaids will be quoting me for months because I kept saying ‘I’m a model’), and the girls all had so much fun having their photos taken too. The boys also said how comfortable they were with Anthony, and Tom had a brilliant time.

I would also like to thank you for being so wonderful throughout the process. Although I think we have only ever emailed each other, you were so pleasant to deal with, and I never had any reason to worry about our photography throughout the planning process. You two really are the dream team!

We cannot wait to see our photos! I know we are going to be over the moon with them.

Liz + Tom.”

Beautiful bride, Liz, on a bench in a field

Vanessa and Lachlan – Wellington

Email from Vanessa after her album arrived:

“Hi Sarah

Our album arrived just now

I LOVE IT!!! IT’S AMAZING! Thank you both so much!! I’m so happy :-)!”

Email from Vanessa after her wedding:

“Thank you for your professionalism and your helpfulness over the past year and a half. I will be highly recommending SNAP! Photography to all my friends who aren’t yet married. I’m so happy with how everything went and how the photos turned out, words cannot express my elation that I made the right choice in choosing Anthony for our wedding. Well worth the cost getting you both to Wellington. I hope you both had a good time at our wedding, your gift to us was so sweet and I read the book often. Thanks again :-)”

Wellington wedding photographer

Tanya and Chris – Mount Vernon Lodge, Akaroa

“The man arrived in Akaroa,
there was a buzz in the air,
The men glared, girls swooned,
Yes the photographers here
It was the grandest of weddings,
all the glitz and the glamour,
With the godlike lens-smith,
like Thor with his Hammer

He strode through the Mount,
Vernon by name,
His passion smoldering,
ready to burst into flame And then it ignites,
as the sun hits the porch,
A consuming inferno,
just like The Human Torch

A camera at hand, one in his belt,
Embracing the moment,
with any hand that he’s dealt
With the latest gadgets and gizmos,
he can close-up or pan,
No mission a problem,
A photographic Batman

He has compassion and passion,
you can tell that he cares,
He’ll ease your emotions
and conquer your fears
The camera his weapon,
his talent obscene,
He has animalistic charisma,
think a Kodak Wolverine

Then he’ll teach you to flaunt it,
and shake it about,
To suck some bits in,
and push some other bits out
He’ll guide you, direct you,
like a beauty show foreman,
He’ll swirl and he’ll spin,
just like Wonder Woman

He has that hint of evil genius,
he’ll get you to flirt,
He’ll click away as you smile,
you won’t know its hard work
He’s Magneto, Loki, Lex Luther
all rolled into one,
His evil master plan won’t fool me tho,
just coz its bundled in fun

He conquered the angles and lighting,
in a photographic assault,
The word bowed to his power,
he’s the Incredible Hulk
And he’s got X-ray vision,
he sees through the fake tan,
I swear he could fly,
A true Superman

His name is Anthony Turnham,
my photography hero,
He’s uplifting and positive,
negativity’s zero
He’ll make your wedding perfect,
I’ll give him his due,
And in my own boring way,
I recommend him to you.”

wedding photography at akaroa pier by Wedding Photographer Anthony Turnham
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