Album Slideshows

Wedding Album Slideshows

Based upon our design ethos we work on an initial wedding album design and present this to our clients in the form of a beautiful slideshow.  The album layout slideshow helps our couples become acquainted with their album design, and the photos that make it up.

Below are a few samples of our complete initial wedding album designs.

Cossars Wineshed Wedding Album

Relive Amber and Hayden’s wonderful wedding at Cossar’s Wineshed through their wedding album design slideshow.  Or head over here to flick through their Cossars wedding album design at your own pace.

Flock Hill Wedding Album

Relive Nicole and Fowke’s big day at Flock Hill through our wedding photography and album design. Or head over here to flick through their Flock Hill Station wedding album design at your own pace.

Cossars Wineshed Wedding Album

Cossars Wineshed played host to yet another awesome wedding.  This one was for childhood sweethearts Jess and Rowan.  Enjoy their wedding photography album slideshow.  Head over here to view their Cossars wedding album one spread at a time.

Terrace Downs Wedding Album

As Graham and Renee’s wedding day story unfolded at Terrace Downs I was lucky enough to be there to capture the magic.  The finished album looked stunning with a vibrant orange contemporary leather cover.  Click the following link to view their Terrace Downs wedding album design one spread at a time.

Flock Hill Wedding Album

Ben spent time working on the station at Flock Hill so it seemed very appropriate that it became the venue for the stunning wedding of he and his beautiful wife Beth.  Enjoy viewing the slideshow of their award winning wedding album design.  Alternatively go here to view their Wedding at Flock Hill Station one album spread at a time.

Clearwater Resort Wedding Album

Enjoy viewing the slideshow of Nicola and Simon’s wedding day at Clearwater resort, Christchurch.  Or head here to view their Clearwater wedding album design one spread at a time.

Trent’s Estate Wedding Album

In spite of the rain Alison and Andrew still got some beautiful wedding photography to remember their day.  The story unfolds here through an album they now proudly own.  Check out the individual album spreads from their Trent’s Vineyard wedding here.

Pemberton Wedding Photography Album

Enjoy watching Alana and Elmo’s wedding album slideshow below.

Wellington Wedding Album

We really enjoyed putting together this keepsake for Vanessa and Lachlan from their wedding in Wellington.  You can see their album design slideshow below, or take some time to view their Wellington wedding album in picture form here.

Trent’s Estate Wedding Album

Below is the album slideshow of Liz and Tom’s album design from their wedding in Christchurch at the awesome Trent’s Estate Vineyard.

Mt. Vernon, Akaroa Wedding Album

Relive Stacey and Scott’s Akaroa wedding via this online slideshow album design.  You can see their Mount Vernon wedding album in picture form here.

Clearwater Wedding Album

Jared and Joanne’s beautiful wedding kicked off at Joanne’s parents home before heading to Clearwater Resort, Christchurch for the reception.  Enjoy the slideshow below, or head here to view their Clearwater wedding album page by page.

Quoting our couples…

…photos that seem to live and breathe, photos that make people stand back and say “WOW”!